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May 19, 2004
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Kurayami Oekaki by stardroidjean Kurayami Oekaki by stardroidjean
Well, after I finished the first picture of her, I decided that I wanted to do another one just for good measure. I really like how this one turned out, and I did a good moon, yay! If you're only allowed one, I might just use this. But hopefully you can have more than one! Because I like this one!

Took away the purple fuzzies on her arms. Well, I forgot to put them in, and then it looked better and I couldn't re-touch it without killing my precious moon, so oh well! I'm happy with the shading in this one, except for the grass, but hey, I tried.

And the ~umbreonfanclub seems obssesed with Umbreons being only male or something because they always say his in descriptions on the club, and called this a he in my note! Clarification! It's a female! Not much difference, but still, 'tis not a he. It's based after me, man. XD

Done in 254 (not really, I was talking, and took breaks to eat and stuff) minutes at Pokevalley's oekaki, in PaintBBS, with my mouse.

EDIT: I was thinking of maybe making it's eyes green. Do you think it looks better?

Kurayami (c) Me. :iconstardroidjean:
Umbreon (c) The Pokemon Company, Nintendo.
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That is soo cute!!I just love Kurayami the Umbreon. ^.^ and you did a great moon.
i love this
he is so cute
I'm not a big pokemon fan...but I really love that background...I can't exactly draw too well on my laptop with my touchpad...erg. :lmao:
Ech, touchpads SUCK for drawing. If I ever got a laptop, I'd definitely have to get a mouse, I hate those things, they're slow for just moving around the mouse and clicking too.
What sucks even touchpad also has a click system...and it's RIGHT OVER my know that could mean T^T
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